Preparing To Bring Your New Dog Home

Congratulations!  You’ve waited long enough.  It’s almost time to bring your newest, furriest family member home.  

There’s a lot of preparation to be done prior to picking up the little one from the shelter.  Safety should always be your top priority, and small dangers are often overlooked. Ensure that all electrical wires are out of reach, and that any hanging drapes or cords are tied up.  Your active pup can easily become tangled, and in some cases, seriously injured.  Move all cleaning products and human food to out-of-reach locations, or put locks on all lower standing cabinets.  Trust me - this puppy is smart.

While you should anticipate some minor household item damage with a new fur baby, you can take steps to minimize this.  Roll up any high-end or oriental rugs and keep them in storage until your pup is fully trained.  If you do have wall-to-wall carpeting, invest in some cheap mats to place in play areas and near doors until potty training is complete.  And, of course, move all valuables and anything fragile out of puppy reach.

Now, for the fun part.  You want to keep your puppy challenged and entertained.  Include a variety of toys that are cognitively stimulating when shopping for the playthings, such as a treat puzzle.  This will be psychologically beneficial for the dog, and, also, hopefully deter them from inflicting damage on your personal items, i.e. your favorite pair of shoes.  

Your life is going to change pretty dramatically after adopting a new dog.  It’s also important that you don’t become too overwhelmed with all of the additional responsibility and lack of free time.  Now is the time to plan out as much as possible and schedule out your necessary parenting duties, such as morning walks, feeding, finding a pet sitter, and setting up and attending vet appointments.  Organization is going to be the key to managing all of the daily and ongoing needs for your newest (and, let’s be honest, cutest) family member.

Now that you’re prepared, all you have to left to do is give your pup tons of love!  Good luck!

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