Frances Gossen

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Hi, I'm Frances!


Much like many of Boston’s sweet rescue pups, I moved up from Appalachia several years ago and since have earned an English lit degree from Boston University, done my best to take advantage of everything this state has to offer (impossible task), and survived a few scary winters. Although growing up in Louisville, KY may have left me with strong opinions on social and political morals, it also instilled in me the quintessential southern boho values of Shakespeare, bourbon, and sharing pleasantries freely (mostly food and friendly conversation). I love living in Massachusetts; I think the coast is beautiful, Boston’s passion for advocacy and social justice is exciting, and the intellectual environment is a constant challenge. Every morning my roommate’s two beautiful cats compete for snuggles, which has done wonders for my self esteem. I'm also coming around to seafood that isn’t catfish.

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